[20:17:21] Thank you for contacting Femenet, your public internet provider! A customer support professional will be in touch with you shortly

[20:17:23] Veronica has joined the chat

[20:18:05] Sophia (Femenet) has joined the chat)

[20:18:06] Sophia: Hello! My name is Sophia, how can I be of assistance today?

[20:18:25] Veronica: hey, i’m having problems with my internet. ive only been getting cis-guy speeds for the past week.

[20:18:06] Sophia: I’m sorry to hear that!

[20:18:06] Sophia: I’m going to ask you a few questions to verify your account. Can you send me:-
  1. Your service account number.
  2. Your identity token fingerprint.
  3. Your customer service one-time code from this link: (https://femenet.com/totp)

[20:18:25] Veronica: 8474761

[20:18:41] Veronica: zS2ABBDI6I6fLqB

[20:19:16] Veronica: 4088

[20:19:55] Sophia: Thank you! It’s going to take a minute for me to investigate the issue.

[20:24:02] Sophia: Thank you for your patience, are we still connected

[20:25:14] Veronica: yos

[20:25:20] Sophia: I’ve checked your account, and it seems you’ve reached your privileged data quota for this billing period.

[20:26:00] Veronica: but that’s never happened before, im a woman you see.

[20:26:42] Sophia: I understand, but I can also see from your identity token that you’re white. The latest amendments to the Feminist internet act have made it so that there’s a more equitable and intersectional data previlege quota. I guess you need to start watching that Femflix consumption!

[20:26:55] Veronica: 😂

[20:26:57] Veronica:but also 😭

[20:27:25] Veronica: i have a grandma who’s cuban, does that help?

[20:27:42] Sophia: I can rebuild your identity token based on that information if you can provide her bio-id hash but to be honest, I don’t think it will matter much

[20:30:06] Sophia: Hello? Are we still connected?

[20:35:05] Sophia (Femenet) has disconnected.

[20:35:06] Thank you for contacting Femenet! Please take this customer satisfaction survey: https://femenet.com/support_survey